Save your business time this Autumn

Surprisingly or not, whichever way you view it, we spend 30% of our time a day on social media.

In an average lifetime, this means that 5 years and 4 months are spent on social media, more time than eating and drinking in many cases.

According to a recent article by Statista, 30% of businesses spend 16+ hours a week on social media marketing.

Although this is time many hospitality businesses don’t have, it could be argued it is time well spent considering…

  • 89% of people planned their travels based on content they saw online (The Drum).
  • 1 in 5 people look on social media for inspiration to make their hospitality decisions (Sprout Social).
  • 33% of people switched their plans based on being influenced by social media content (Sprout Social).

It is therefore vital that you post regularly and tailor your interactions to your specific audience, to build relationships, encourage conversation and to influence choices.

What if you could achieve the same results and more whilst saving your business time? Well you can.

Outsource your social media to us today and save your business time and money without sacrificing results.

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