New Year, New Me-thods

The New Year for many is associated with new beginnings and resolutions. Often this is applied to you personally, so why not go through the same notion for your business?

1) Lose weight (slim down your methods)

Why not slim down your marketing and concentrate on areas that will convert well for you and your business? Re-evaluate your current marketing efforts and optimise fully, whether this is by implementing SEO (search engine optimisation) online or by focusing on mediums that best fit your brand. Burn off the extra marketing that isn’t helping keep your brand in its best possible shape.

2) Get fit (exercise most effective marketing channels)

Much like exercise, marketing is about performance, stamina and endurance. It is important to consistently perform throughout your marketing channels. You don’t want to injure your reputation, so it is all about getting the right balance. Whether it feels like it or not, you are constantly in a race with your competitors to gain the attention of your customers. Whether faced with a marathon or sprint, endure and release when the moment is right. Taking advantage of trends and being aware of the best times to post for each social media platform is just one of the ways to help you to be a strong contender in your field and to stay ‘on track’.

3) Meet new people

There are a lot of people to meet out there, just over 3 billion people online and just over 7 billion offline (Worldometers, 2017).  Online, target individuals looking for you to ensure that you connect with people and grow your following and friends. Connect with people alike through platforms such as Linked in. In terms of offline, be sure to attend networking events to raise awareness and to meet people that will benefit you and your business.

4) Reinvent yourself

You may feel like your brand is due a makeover. Think about the personality that you would like your customers to associate you with and use this as a reference point for all decisions. Think of your brand as a person; what would they wear, how would they speak? What would be their favourite colour and what lifestyle would they follow? Personifying your brand can help to ensure consistency of decisions.

5) Stop being late

Being late can be very relevant in the world of trends. Make sure that you clue up on all of the current trends and buzzwords to ensure that you don’t miss opportunities or think of an idea when it’s too late. Subscribe to platforms that will provide you with the know-how regarding your industry.

6) Spend more time with the family

In business terms, many people see their business as their baby. By outsourcing your marketing, you will have more time to concentrate on your business as a whole as well as your extended family, your customers.

7) Learn a new language

It could be argued that the most important language online today is the language of keywords and SEO (search engine optimisation). Make sure that your content not only sounds the part but also works the part. Keyword research helps to identify the most popular search terms to include in your writing.

8) Reduce stress

Time waits for no man and is often the culprit of stress. We understand that you have enough on your plate. Think about how much time you could save if you cut out your marketing and outsourced the efforts to experts.

9) Spend less, save more

Investing in marketing may not seem like a money saving move at the time, however in the long run you are sure to reap the benefits. When not using an expert, you don’t know if you are using your money most efficiently. Potentially you could be spending less but for better results if you get the right team on board. It may be worth considering this if you would like to get more out of your money.

10) Eat less chocolate

As for cutting out chocolate, we have nothing to say. Good luck if this is your resolution but it’s certainly not ours in 2018.

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